Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Wickham Street Studios Group Show

Ludic/Ludo/Ludos is a group exhibition of artists currently working in Wickham Street Studios, Limerick. The show intends to open out to the viewer a succession of art practices. By taking members artworks and concepts less than 200m from the studio to the gallery, we are gazing into a point that underscores the reality that a good deal of 'play'/ experimentation and working things out is involved in the creative process. 'Ludic' is used in philosophy to describe play as an 'act of self definition' which may be close to what individual artists are doing when they're making work. It could also be what defines a group. Artists have access to each others ideas, concepts and processes in Wickam st. It has 12 spaces for 12 artists, each space essentially a playground in itself. abstaining from any attempt to categorize any relationships between practices within the group. The viewer is invited to make what may be their own playful or even absurd connections between the works and the artists, and even create new meanings.W.S.S was set up in April 2009 to provide affordable studio spaces for artists, and an outlet for its members to be part of a wider artistic community. It has become one of Limerick’s key arts organisations and it’s member were responsible for the establishment of Occupy Space. The current members are:

Ramon Kassam, OrlaithTreacy, Paul Rhatigan, Emmet Kierans, Noelle Collins, Paraic Leahy, Gillian Kenny, Rory Prout, Tom Prendergast, Sean Guinan, Kevin O' Keeffe and Gerry Davis.

Ludic/Ludo/Ludos was selected by Ramon Kassam, Kevin 'O Keefe and Noelle Collins with advice and input from Marian Lovett, Curatorial Advisor with Limerick City Gallery of Art .

Occupy Space will be open until 10pm on Friday 23rd September as part of Limerick Culture Night, Wickham, Street Studios will also 23open up the studios on culture night between 5 & 10 pm. It will provide the public with the opportunity to meet the members, and engage with some of the ideas and processes being undertaken by them.


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